Speaking English

During school
The city hall strategy is to support Teachers who plan their class trips to Mount Prospect and soon London.
You can contact our association if you are interested in planning a trip for your students.

Mid-day school : after the change of children’s timetables in France, we have planned different English activities in our schools (theatre, songs, arts …). We continue to look for individual experts volunteering to support this challenge.

Out of school :

Holidays :
L’Escale is planning for 2015 different training courses of 15 days in English for young students with a week-end in London.

Immersion Program
For 2015/2016, our aim is to organize with our sister cities and friends an immersion program during holidays where we gather and send our children to our sister-cities and exchange with them
For more details go to Accomodation & penpals

English Drama Lessons for children and adults
Spencer McAndrew delivers English drama lessons at the S.E.L. For more details please contact the SEL

Internship in Mount-Prospect or London
If you would like to do your internship in Mount-Prospect or London, please contact assunta.mesmin@sevres.fr and we will connect you with our sister cities.

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