Accommodation and penpals

The City hall of Sèvres would like to develop Individual Exchanges and/or English immersion programs with our twin and friend cities. We want our children to learn the beauty of other countries, distinctive culture and strengthen their knowledge in English.

To reach this goal, we are building lists that we will start sharing with our twin cities by Q1 2015.
If you are looking for an individual exchange and penpal, complete the « penpal exchange » form

If you are interested in the immersion program, complete « immersion famille » form

If your are interested in this challenge for your children or if you want to sponsor children or adults in Sèvres, please fill the following « accueil Sèvres » form and send them to assunta.mesmin@sevres.fr

If you have a school group and are interested in coordinating an exchange with our twin cities, please contact assunta.mesmin@sevres.fr


Immersion Famille

Penpal exchange

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